Andres Vilanova


Andres Vilanova born on August 27, 1979, in Madrid, Spain. Son of Miguel "Botafogo" Vilanova, legendary blues guitarist, gets his first drum set at age 4 at an early age and enter the world of music. At 13 he began formal studies with Hector Ruiz, and later continued his training with different masters: Juan Rodriguez, Martin Reed, Daniel Piazzolla, Jorge Araujo, Pablo Porta, Chiche Heger, with whom he perfected his style.

At 18 he joined the renowned metal band ANIMAL, participating in festivals numbers, as the "Warped Tour" and "Watcha Tour" in the U.S.. States and Canada and continues to run with the band for Latin America and Spain during the years 1998-2000. Also during those years working in the recording of "Latino Power" and finally recorded his first album "Use all your strength" in the legendary studio "Indigo Ranch", Malibu, California.

Also involved with the band, Pappo disc, "Pappo and friends," for which he recorded two songs. In late 2000, after three years of playing in ANIM.AL, left the band and dive into creating your own project. It is next to Marcelo Corvalan, former bassist of Animal and Hernan "Tery" Langer (guitar), with whom is the chemical that forms the trio Power goddamned thing. In 2001 the band released their first album "Hell" to which he will "Dreamcatcher" (2004) "Unclean" (2007) and "Sea of ​​Souls" (2010), in presenting at Luna Park , above, 6000 persons. "Acid", the first cut of EMDLA receives a Grammy nomination for best rock song Parallel to Hell participates in other art projects. In 2002 as a producer and performer of the album "Don Vilanova" and in 2008 he was invited by Pedro Aznar to record 7 songs from his album "Broken".