Birds, formed in 88, with two albums recorded and participation in various collections of Brazilian Rock, including "Where is my Rock'n Roll?" tribute to Arnaldo Baptista.

His second band was Rumbora formed in 97, also with two disks and participation in collections. He recorded with Herbert Vianna, DeFalla, Gabriel the Thinker, Domenico +2 and the soundtrack to the book and children's theater piece, "Me and My Umbrella" (composed by Branco Mello and the Titan's cabin Cyrus Person C).

He played with the English band The Mission in Sao Paulo and Recife, and High Times in the program of Serginho Groisman. He has worked in product development at Orion Cymbals, cymbals which manufactures 100% nationals, including a line with your name.

Hi main musical influences are: Brazilian Rock 80's, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Zimbo Trio.


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