Cendirandus C. "Cendi" Luntungan

Musical, Extravagant, Exciting, Dynamic, Blazing, Solid, Astonishing & very Colourfull. One of the Indonesia Drum Maestro, a Prima Vista with his undisputed touch of an art & musicality. All these words can be used to describe Cendi LUNTUNGAN. He is a leading figure in the Indonesian music scene for more than 40 years and continues gaining well-deserved international recognition. Although he did not start playing drums until he was 4 years old, Cendi LUNTUNGAN has become a master of his art form and is practically a household name in his home country of INDONESIA. Cendi LUNTUNGAN currently acts as head of drum & percussion instructor at ALTO Music School, INDONESIA, headquartered in Jalan Martimbang 2 no.3a Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, INDONESIA.