Dalibor Mráz


"Already when I was a kid, I had a Sonor logo glued on my locker at the Conservatory. Playing for Sonor is like a dream come true and I am very happy for that - that I can play and do what I like with an instrument that I have worshiped." Dalibor Mráz


Winner of several national awards, he is considered one of the most promising drummers in the Czech Republic.

Dalibor Mráz took up drumming at the age of 8. A graduate from the Leoš Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, he also studied drumming all over Europe, with drummers as Thomas Lang, Benny Greb, Stephan Emig, Oli Rubow, among many others.

Their influence led him to start to develop his own style and performed solo drum shows and clinics not only all over the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Poland, including two presences at the prestigious International Drum festival in Czech Republic, where he opened for drummers like Dave Elitch or Craig Blundell.

Some of his compositions and solos were featured on the DVD's "Czech Virtual drum festival (2011)" and "SONOR DVD" (2013).

He also played with several bands and artists, not only live with artists and bands has Seven, Fernando Saunders, Elis, Lawrence Lina, Mike Terrana, Peter Krajniak, Kirk, among others, but also as a session drummer.

Although specialized on drums, he is also a in several different instruments, being also a prolific composer for the soundtracks for movies, TV shows, corporate videos and advertising.


Seven / Elis / P.O. Box / Fernando Saunders (USA)