Dani Dominguez



He starts his musical training in Estudio Escola de Música (Santiago de Compostela) learning from L.A.R Legido and in Barcelona with Aldo Caviglia. Simultaneously, between 2000 and 2002, Dani expands his training attending seminars with Jeff Ballard, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Street, Chano Domínguez, The Bad Plus and Lee Konitz.

In 2002, Unexpected is released (Fresh Sound New Talent 157), an album that obtained awesome reviews: the group was chosen "Best Group of the Year 2003" by the Associació de Musics de Jazz i Música Moderna de Catalunya. In 2004 Fresh Sound New Talent, a worldwide-reference label for jazz, also published 9 Muses (FSNT 193) and Free Quartet (FSNT 208) along with Joe Smith. In 2005, Unexpected plays the Blues in Need (FSNT 231), the second album of this trio was released.

During 2003, Dani also records with Celia Mur Las Flores de mi Vida (Satchmo Jazz Records) along with Perico Sambeat, Toni Belenguer, Cristóbal Montesdeoca and Pere Loewe.

He recorded with Llibert Fortuny Electric Quintet the album Revolts (Nuevos Medios 15 872), which was released in April 2005, and Double Step (Emarcy/Universal) in 2007, obtaining a 5 stars-rating for each album given by the magazine Cuadernos de Jazz,. the most important jazz-media in Spain.

With Free Spirits (David Mengual, David González, Laia Cagigal and Ion Robles), they release Menta (Edicións L´Esguard), a composition based on the poems of David Castillo (one of the most awarded and prestigious writers in Catalunya) that was presented in the Fundación Miró.

In 2005, Yesterday's Sun of Xavi Casellas (Blue Moon Inner Jazz BMCD 2504) was released as well, playing along with Emilio Solla, Tom Warburton, Gorka Benítez and Raynald Colom among others musicians. Another proof of his versatility is also the release of Hoy by Velcro; with this electronic group, he goes on tour all over Spain. This maxi vinyl was published by the one of the most important cult label for electronic music: Inex Records.

He was awarded with "Best Drummer Year 2004", "Best Group Year 2004" (Llibert Fortuny Electric Quartet) and "Best Group Year 2005" (Llibert Fortuny Electric Quartet) in the awards granted by Associació de Musics de Jazz i Música Moderna de Catalunya, and "Best Jazz Group Year 2005" granted by Enderrock. In 2004, Dani won as well the contest "Iniciativa Jazz Copons" with Happy House (Albert Cirera, Jaume Llombart and David González).

At the end of 2005, he joins Llibert Fortuny Electric Big Band XXL, which closed the Festival de Jazz de Barcelona 2005 in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya; this performance became a DVD and a live album edited by Nuevos Medios (NM 15 887), and it was presented in Festival de Jazz de San Sebastián (the concert was aired by Spanish TV channel La2 several times) and also in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Festival del Grec, Cartagena, Toulousse and Vic in 2006. Thanks to this Big Band he is lucky enough to perform with Chris Kase, David Pastor, Mireia Farres, Carlos Martín, Toni Belenguer, Ion Robles and Martí Serra, among others.

In 2006, Dani starts collaborating in TV programs: he recorded the theme song of Los Irrepetibles, hosted by Emilio Aragón for the Spanish TV channel La Sexta. He also performed at Auditori de Barcelona in an homage to Pau Riba for TV3 named Dioptría v. 2.1, with artists like Santiago Auserón, Pastora, Marc Parrot, Gerard Quintana and Albert Plá, among others. In this year, he is recognised by the magazine Batería Total (the most important specialized magazine of the country) as one of the "100 Most Important Drummers In Spain", being the youngest in this ranking.

In 2007, he is focused on his work along with Llibert Fortuny Electric Quintet and he recorded his second álbum with this band (published by Universal) performing in Los Directos de Radio3 for the TV channel La2. He took part as well in the Marató TV3, one of the TV events of the year.

In his search for new spaces, in 2008 he starts up several projects like the cover group of Bjôrk named Violently Happy! along with David Soler, Vicente Huma, Joan Díaz and Borja Barrueta; the group performs in Festival de la Guitarra de Barcelona. Another project he takes part in is Zothique's Secuential Adaptor with the electronic DJ and producer Arnau Sala; Dani also got a new highlight at his career touring on Ressons Tour with Guillermo Klein Septet along with Jordi Rossy, Carme Canela and Albert Sanz, Massa Kamaguchi, among others.

In January 2008 he performs during one week at the prestigious Dizzy's Club in New York's Lincoln Center (USA), presenting the album Yesterday's Sun by Xavi Casellas. The album Werther en Nueva York by Javier Galiana & Spice Berberechos is selected to be presented during the month of August in Budapest and during November in Vietnam, where it is filmed for the national TV with a great success of audience. During this same year, he also offers several concerts in the Festival de Jazz de Canarias thanks to the release of Suite Macabra with David Quevedo Quintet (FSWJ 041) along Kike Perdomo, Jeppe Rasmussen and Tom Warburton.

During the year 2009, besides the release of the CD/DVD Trivio with Pedro Cortejosa and two new collaborations with David Quevedo, he started up Kase.O Jazz Magnetism, a project where, along with Kase.O (one of the most important hip hop MC's of Spain, member of the band Violadores del Verso), he was searching again to blur the outlines between styles. With this project he signs onto a 100-concerts tour during the next 6 years, hanging the "Sold Out" sign in almost all the concerts. It is worth mentioning the shows at clubs and pavilions such as Apolo, Razzmatazz and Bikini (Barcelona), Pabellón de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, Sala Heinekken during two days on a row (Madrid), Pabellón Multiusos de Zaragoza; moreover, they go on a South American Tour with shows at Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Medellín (Colombia) or performing with Public Enemy in México D.F. (Mexico).

In 2010, moved by his constant and tireless search for new sounds and his thirst for expanding his language, Dani travels frequently to Andalucía, mostly to Granada and Cádiz, where besides from improving his knowledge about flamenco, his relationships with the Andalusian music scene became stronger, mainly with the saxophonist Carlos Villoslada (ending up with the album Tabanqueando en la Plaza Niña), with Dan Ben Lior (the Israeli guitarist based in Granada) and with Rubem Dantas (percussionist working with Paco de Lucía and pioneer in the introduction of the cajón in flamenco music).

Dani is also honored with an invitation to teach a Master Class about "Music and Timing" in the University of Cádiz organized by Aula de Jazz (UCA), with a successful participation that makes him seriously consider his relationship with teaching.

Proof of his engagement with the music is that, during that same year, he keeps on developing several styles like his jazz activity (he wins the Jazz Contest of Barcelona with Land Space, goes on tour with his quintet Whooookam in Ciclo 1906 and performs during one week in Café Central of Madrid with Kike Perdomo), the improvisation (Live at Robadors by IED8 published by Audition Records) and the hip hop (performing at Festival Hipnotik with Dive Dibosso, producer of the Spanish rap group 7Notas7Colores).

During 2011, he goes on with his Kase.O Jazz Magnetism Tour. We can also witness the reaction to the release of the album Kase.O Jazz Magnetism (one of the surprises of the year awarded with the "Best Group" and "Best Album" award granted by the organization Premios de la Música Aragonesa, competing in the same category as multi-award-band Amaral). Dani also directs and organizes the Spanish Joint events, where he performed along with Spanish hip-hop celebrities such as Griffi (Solo Los Solo), RdeRumba (Violadores del Verso), DiveDibosso (7Notas 7Colores), Quiroga, MdeClick or Kamikaze (CPV).

It is also worth mentioning the release of Playas Metafísicas del Sacromonte by Spectrum Of Emotion (group integrated by Dan Ben Lior, who is currently on tour with Diego "El Cigala"; José María Pedraza aka Petaca, pianist of Montse Cortés or Josemi Carmona; and Pablo Báez, double-bass player of Jorge Pardo). This album is produced by Harold Burgon (Thad Jones Big Band, Enrique Morente). With Land Space, he presents Sueños at the Brussels Jazz Marathon in Belgium.

In 2012, Dani joins Mala Rodríguez's international tour (Spanish rapper that has won several Grammy awards), a tour that will take him to Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador with several shows during the whole year. The closing concert was multitudinous and took place within the events of the most important day in Donosti's festivities.

During 2012, Dani appears at the Top 100 Catalonian Jazz Albums ranking with two different projects (his debut album with Unexpected and Revolts with Llibert Fortuny Electric Quartet) in a list appearing Tete Montoliu, Perico Sambeat, Brad Mehldau, Jordi Rossy o Carles Benavent.

In 2013, he decides to devote a part of his efforts to education and gets involved in the educational project proposed by Asociación de Jazz of Málaga along with Ernesto Aurignac, Enrique Oliver, Tete Leal, Julián Sánchez, and several more high-level musicians, a project that will end up with the opening of the center Centro de Artes y Música Moderna "Maestro Puyana" during the scholar year 2014/2015. During the first trimester, this educational center based in Málaga already sheltered more than 350 students and it is here where Dani Domínguez teaches classes of Drums, Rhythm training, Fundamentals for rhythmic base and Soundpainting (Language for directed improvisation).

Between 2013 and 2015, in spite of his non-stop teaching activity at the CAAM, Master Classes (Conservatorio Martín Tenllado of Málaga), and seminars (Universidad del Bosque in Bogotá, Colombia), Dani hasn't neglected his work as a musician and, among other events, he has accompanied some important musicians such as Bill McHenry, Jorge Pardo, Ben Monder, Chano Domínguez, Janek Gwzdala, Brian Charette, Pasquale Grasso, Rycardo Moreno or Javier Colina. With Giulia Valle Group, he performed at her USA tour (with concerts in San Francisco's Jazz Center and in New York's Blue Note Jazz Club, two of the most important clubs in the USA), in Hungary (Budapest Jazz Center), Holland (Amsterdam's Bimhuis) and in Spain. He's also on tour with Kase.O Jazz Magnetism around Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico. The release of Munchies, third album with Unexpected, and his work as musician and producer in some of the songs in Por Desamor al Arte by Antílopez completed his schedule during this non-stop year.

During this period, he has also collaborated in projects with a strong social commitment spirit such as recording with Mala Rodríguez a song for the NGO Fundación Vicente Ferrer for the consciousness-raising of the women's role in the Third World, or his participation as speaker in "Ahora Málaga", focused on the inclusion of youngsters in risk of social exclusion.

In 2016, Dani is involved in several new projects: an audiovisual show of electronic percussion; finishing the review and layout of his own drums method; recording his first album as leader of Whooookham with Jordi Matas, David Mengual and Miguel "Pintxo" Villar in November; a tour with Jorge Pardo that brought him to the Café Central in Madrid during a whole week, to the Café Latino in Ourense, to the Teatro del Canal in Madrid; and the release of several albums recorded between 2015 and 2016: the second album of Spectrum of Emotion, the new trio with the pianist José Carra, a new trio with Llorens Barceló (Hammond B3) and the famous guitarist Jean Paul Bourelly (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones) and the new quartet with the vibraphonist Javier Navas.