Daniele Pomo



Since 2000 he's the coordinator and educator of the Rock Drum Faculty of the SAINT LOUIS MUSIC COLLEGE, the most important music school in Italy. He has played with many important artists like: DIONNE WARWICK, GRAHAM NASH, MARILLION's STEVE HOGARTH and STEVEN ROTHERY, PATTY PRAVO, RON, MARIELLA NAVA, TOSCA, MIETTA, PAOLO VALLESI, ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA, CORONA, and many more.

He's the founder and leader of the Prog Band RANESTRANE with whom he composed two double albums ("NOSFERATU IL VAMPIRO", inspired by W. Herzog's "NOSFERATU" and the Stanley Kubrick directed movie "SHINING").

In 2013 RANESTRANE published "A SPACE ODYSSEY PART I MONOLITH" with the collaboration of MARILLION'S STEVEN ROTHERY and STEVE HOGARTH and formed the new project "IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA". With them, Daniele recorded three albums: "IL RITORNO", "MICROSTORIE" and "CONTAMINAZIONE LIVE IN JAPAN 2013". During the Japanese tour the band played the important "ITALIAN PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL" in Tokio.

He recorded MARIELLA NAVA's albums "DENTRO UNA ROSA", "L'ASSAGGIO" and the latest, "TEMPO MOSSO" (2012).

With IPPOLITO NIEVO FOUNDATION Daniele collaborated for "I PARCHI LETTERARI", for TITANUS and MEDIASET he composed music, soundtracks and main themes for many TV shows.

In 2012 he published the Drum method "POWER PATTERNS".


Ranestrane, Educator