Domenic Schüpbach



Who's that tall, beardy guy behind the YOKKO drums?

He is both the rhythmic central clock of the post-Indie band YOKKO as well one of its creative minds. He could hardly brush his own teeth but was playing the drums with a bunch of cans at a very early age. Born January 15th 1985 in Berne, Switzerland, he spent most of his childhood behind the drums. As a well-educated boy, he left his drum set to give his neighbours a short break. From the very first day, he took lessons with Stefan Kurzo (former drummer at Beijing Symphony Orchestra). Just months later, he competed in several drum set championships in Switzerland successfully.

In 2013, the band burst onto the music scene, entering the Top Ten in the Swiss Album Charts with their debut offering, Seven Seas. In 2014, YOKKO were named 'Best Talent' at the Swiss Music Awards. Since then, they have been delighting fans both at home and abroad with their impressive live performances at both open air festivals (the Gurten Festival, Openair St. Gallen, Zürich Openair, Openair Gampel, and many more) and club concerts in Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The fact that they were nominated for an SMA in the category 'Best Live Act' last year as well as new expectations — both their own and those of others — drive the band to continue working on themselves and pushing forward towards a new goal.

While they produced their debut album, "Seven Seas", themselves, this time, the band wanted to lift their Atlantic Wave into a new dimension and decided to record in the Vox-Ton Studio in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Using the same mixing desk used by Queen for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in 1975, recording equipment and old synthesizers, the result is a unique and mature sound.

With their latest album "To the Fighters, to the Boxers" YOKKO entered the Swiss Album Charts on the promising 2nd place and playing Club- & Festivals Shows in Europe since then.