Because playing drums together was a lot more fun than playing on their own and because both are perfectly capable of sensing and complementing and even challenging one other, René Creemers and Wim de Vries decided to form The Drumbassadors in April 2000. Finally here was a real band without the addition of guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, horns, strings, percussion, background vocals, or dancers!

For already over 10 years René and Wim have been working on a routine which has developed into a unique show. Their musical, creative, virtuosic and humorous approach has become highly successful in the international drumming scene. What's remarkable is that many non-drummers come to see a Drumbassadors performance as well! Their many concerts all over the world are a proof of this. They have formed a platform for René and Wim on which to build up a great deal of experience in playing together.


Release Drumbassador Vol. I DVD 2002, Drummer Meeting 2002 Koblenz Germany, National Introdans-Ballet Tour 2003, Modern Drummer Festival 2003 New York USA (on DVD), Montreal Drum Fest 2004 and 2012 Canada, Ultimate Drummerweekend 2005 Melbourne Australia (on DVD), Drumbassadors Live in St. Petersburg 2007 Russia (on DVD). Release live concert/instruction dvd "One for the Money, but Two for the Show" 2011.

Stylistically The Drumbassadors combine European, African, and American grooves, sounds, and loops in their own unique way. An essential requirement of their repertoire is that it must consist of 'songs'. Melody, no matter how simple, is key. Besides using different kinds of sticks René and Wim use their fingers and sing and rap words, with only one goal in mind: to feature the drumkit as a musical instrument with unlimited possibilities. The Drumbassadors run the gamut, from left to right, from top to bottom, from loud to soft, from thick to thin, from green to yellow, from round to square, from fast to slow, and... they do it with confidence!!