Ed Lay



Ed Lay is the drummer for UK based Indie rock band Editors. After their continued success in the charts, sold out tours, and numerous headlining festival slots, Editors were lauded as the second biggest British band of the decade by The Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Their brand of dark indie rock is habitually compared to the sound of such bands as Echo & the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Interpol, etc.

Ed has joined the SONOR artist family in August 2013. His weapon of choice is a ProLite (Vintage Maple) kit in Brilliant Black: 20" Bass Drum, 10" Tom Tom, 12" Tom Tom, 14" Floor Tom, 16" Floor Tom, 12" Snare Drum, as well as the Phil Rudd Signature 14x5" Snare Drum (Chrome over Brass shell).