Herman Cambré



I've already been on TV at the age of 5 because I apparently had the talent already to play the drums in a song in an impressive way.

My father drove me around the Flemish roads because the question repeatedly came to show my drumming on various stages. I remember at the age of 10 years I took part in a Championship and finished second among all boys who were much older than me. Two years later I had the possibility to play with Rob de Nijs and that turned out well.

A few years later I was asked to play in a metal band to play the drums. The band is called Pariah and we had 2 CDs recorded with a record deal in Germany. With this band I had to stop because I played, at the age of 20, in the Brussels blues bars with very well known American blues musicians such as Phil Clayton, Peter Pango, Lenny North, Bill Roseman, Bob Christopher etc. One thing led to another and so I ended up in the then popular band Blue Blot which I've played with for 2 years. In the meantime I played with all kinds of smaller bands on Flemish stages, when I got in touch with Koen and Kris Wauters of Clouseau. In 1998 I started playing with Clouseau.

Studio: +/- 50 CD's with my drumming, which means, according to URADEX, 425 songs for:

- Arno (2x)

- Vaya Con Dios

- Kate Ryan

- Blue Blot

- Willy Sommers

- Monday Justice

- Laura Lynn

- Peter Evrard

- Natalia

- Wim Soutaer

- Clouseau

- K3

- Raf Van Brussel

- Hailbob

- Jo Valley

- Dana Winner

- Jan Leyers

- Paul Michiels

- Udo

- Kommil Foo

and many more


- Het Swingpaleis

- Koen and the gang

- De Plaatgast (Els de Schepper)

- Idool (Live)

- X-Factor (Live)

- De gouden schoen

- Can you duet

- De notenclub

- The Voice

- Vlaanderen Muziekland

- Sing that song

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