Makis Gioulis


Makis Gioulis was born in Athens in 1971. His talent in drums was obvious since he was a little boy. From 1986 to 1992, while still in high school, he attended the acclaimed "Classical Percussion" Program at the National Conservatory of Athens where he excelled in tympani and classical snare drum.

Since 1990 Makis has been playing and touring professionally. He has worked with some of the most notable artists of the Greek music scene having been a part of their recordings, concerts, and TV shows. Socrates, Antonis Tourkogiorgis, Yiannis Spathas, The Idols, Demis Roussos, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Kostas Tournas, Eleni Vitali, Mario Frangoulis, are just some of the artists Makis has worked with throughout the years.

Makis' most significant collaboration that propelled his career and placed him amongst the top Greek drummers happened in 2002 when he joined internationally acclaimed Greek progressive rock super group "Socrates Drank the Conium," most affectionately known as "Socrates."

"Socrates," with seven albums under their belt, achieved international acclaim with their 1974 release, "Phos" (Polydor) produced by Vangelis. In 1980 "Socrates" signed with Virgin Records and released "Plaza", which was released world-wide. Today, "Socrates," with an almost complete but unreleased new record, are on hiatus due to serious health reasons of frontman Antonis Tourkogiorgis.

These days Makis is in and out of the studio working on sessions on a variety of different projects (Akis Tourkogiorgis, Giannis Kokkakis) while concurrently playing live for local shows and touring with acts such as Greek pop idols Michalis Hatzigiannis and Christos Dantis.

Also, since March of 2010, Makis is part of a new band led by one of Greece's premiere session guitarists, Akis Tourkogiorgis, "The Blue Airways." The classic/hard rock outfit, who are currently playing local Athens clubs, have just completed their debut CD "Three Days of 1969," released June 19, 2012 (Gavrielides Publishing).


Socrates / Akis Tourkogiorgis & The Blue Airways / Session