Makis Gioulis


Makis Gioulis was born on September 14, 1971 and lives in Athens, Greece.

Makis grew up surrounded by music, as he is the son of Antonis Gioulis, guitarist and founding member of the legendary Greek pop band of the 60ʼs, "The Idols." His talent in drums was obvious and abundant since he was a little boy. Makis studied vehemently day by day on a make-shift kit that included a set of cymbals made of knitting pins! As he became more and more involved, Makis decided to become a more well-rounded musician and from 1986 to 1992, while still in high school, he attended the acclaimed "Classical Percussion" Program at the National Conservatory of Athens where he excelled in tympani and classical snare drum.

In 1989, and after stints at various local bands, Makis Gioulis started playing and touring professionally. His first big break came in 1990 when he joined "Vogue Noir," a brit-pop band that was just signed to BMG and had recently recorded their first album Vogue Noir. Their first single, "Five Are Good Enough," garnered critical acclaim and the song's video clip received ample coverage on local Greek TV channels and European MTV. "Vogue Noir" also received notoriety in the Greek live show circuit as the band behind famous singer Lia Vissi. "Vogue Noir" disbanded for personal reasons in 1992 and Makis, at this time a drummer in great demand, was approached by one of the most famous and successful hard rock bands of Athens, "Speedfire." He appeared with "Speedfire" in various shows for about two years.

After a short "break" for compulsory military service from 1994 to 1995 (Makis played in the Greek Military Band), he replaced the drummer of "The Idols" and performed with the band in front of a national TV audience, on the majority of Greek TV Channels, in shows such as Proinos Kafes, Ciao Antenna, Metaksi Mas, the 1996 Miss Greece Beauty Peagant, and many more. The band also performed nightly at the posh Athens venue "L'Entrecote Cafe De Paris" and during breaks at various festivals in Athens, Thessaloniki, and other major Greek cities.

In 1996, "The Idols," with Makis at the drummer's seat, had the distinct pleasure and honor to perform with international recording and performing artist Demis Roussos (a founding member and bass player of "The Idols").

The following year (1997), the bass player, lead singer, and founding member of the iconic Greek hard rock/progressive band "Socrates Drank The Conium," (affectionately known as "Socrates") Antonis Tourkogiorgis, saw Makis performing live and immediately suggested they work together. Soon after, they got in the studio. The result was Ouf! - Tourkogiorgis' fifth solo CD (Eros Music, 1998).

Following the release, "Off Balance," Tourkogiorgis' band (with Makis on the drums) toured extensively around Greece and appeared in numerous TV shows. "I Rockia Thelei Magia," the album's first single and video clip, was heavily promoted on Greek Radio and TV. That band also played a string of double-header shows at the well-known Athenian Blues-Rock hang out "Blues Hall" with artists such as Snowy White and others.

The shows were so successful that the band was offered the house band gig at the club. In this capacity Makis performed besides names such as: Sidney "Guitar Crasher" Selby, Caren Karoll, Shirley Johnson, and Deitra Farr with Linda Burroughs. 

In 2000 Makis continued the session work by performing with acclaimed Greek eclectic alternative-folk singer Eleni Vitali on the second leg of her national come back tour. 2001 finds Makis performing with Antonis Tourkogiorgis and Giannis Zouganelis at famed Athenian venue "Stavros Tou Notou."

In 2002, Makis Gioulis' career took a huge leap forward. He joined "Socrates;" perhaps the most significant and influential band in Greece since the early 70s. From 2002 until today Makis appeared with the band in many famed Athenian venues such as "Kyttaro," "Rodeo," "Rodon," "House of Art," "Club 22," and others, as well as numerous festivals, concerts, and clinics (Nakas Music School, University of Patras). "Socrates," with seven albums under their belt and all time classic songs such as: "Starvation," "Mountains," etc., achieved international acclaim with their 1974 release, Phos (Polydor) on which they collaborate with Oscar-winner Vangelis Papathanasiou (produced the record and played keyboards). In 1980 "Socrates" signed with Virgin Records and released Plaza. The record was released world-wide and "Socrates" toured England opening for "U.F.O's farewell tour, playing in such legendary clubs as Londonʼs "Hammersmith Odeon" and "Dingwalls."

Makis Gioulis, now a full-fledged member of "Socrates," continued to up the ante through 2003 when he appeared at the prestigious "Athens Concert Hall" ("Megaron Mousikis") besides international recording and performing artist Mario Frangoulis, two of Greece's most influential artists, singers Mariza Koch and Nena Venetsanou, and the well-known from his work with Manos Hadjidakis, conductor and pianist Tassos Karakatsanis.

In 2004, Makis joined 70's Greek pop-rock icon Kostas Tournas in various appearances. From 1998 till today Makis has appeared on various studio recordings with some of the most important artists in Greece. His most significant session gig was his appearing on the last three records of Greek rock legend Vasilis Papakonstantinou who, along with "Socrates" comprise two of the most popular artists in the country's rock scene and not only.

A refining moment in Makis Gioulis' career was in the summer of 2006 (July 12) when he performed (with "Socrates") in a double-header concert with "Toto" at the "Olympic Softball Arena" of Athens.

In March of 2010, Makis joined the new effort by one of Greece's premiere session guitarists, Akis Tourkogiorgis, "Akis Tourkogiorgis and the Blue Airways." The blues/classic rock outfit is currently playing around local Athens clubs. Makis Gioulis, known for his explosive style and quest for perfection, is currently performing at various venues around Greece while being in the studio working on new material for the buzz-worthy and long-waited new release from Hard Rock icons "Socrates."


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