Marko Cerda


Marko Cerda has performed with a variety of musical groups over 23 years in the Canadian local scene, has performed in the Edmonton Folk Festival, Saskatoon and Regina Jazz festival, North Country Fair to name a few.

His personal style of music is a blend of a variety of musical styles including blues, Latin, Jazz and reggae. Lyrics are in English and Spanish bridging his cultural backgrounds.

A proud Canadian originally born in Chile with a love for language and culture and keen sense of rhythm. Marko Azul a collaboration with other accomplished Edmonton musicians, Dan Zielnick on the drums, Jorge Vargas on bass, Craig Pollard on lead guitar, recorded at Homestead Recorders in Edmonton Alberta and sponsored by Rob McDonnell and Cheryl Bognar.

A new resident of Vancouver, Marko will be bringing his music to the BC music scene.