Rodrigo Rodriguez

"Why I chose being endorsed by SONOR? Because SONOR has a high quality of instruments and I also like the originality of each instruments sound." Rodrigo Rodriguez


Rodrigo was born 25.08.1974 in Cartagena/Colombia, where he was surrounded by Afro-Colombian rhythm and music all the time. In 1987-1991 Rodrigo studied at the respected Escuela de Bellas Artes de Cartagena. 1991 he joined the popular music ensembles of Joseito Martinez, Ballet Nacional de Colombia, Orquesta  La Octava Potencia.

1995 Rodrigo moved to Switzerland and began playing with Tony Martinez and The Cuban Power (Latin jazz & funk). He later 1998 travelled extensively with Alfredo de la Fe where he experienced extensive worldwide exposure.

Rodrigo currently resides in Europe and has established himself as a respected musician, band director, master percussionist, composer, singer and rapper. Through his percussion workshops and recorded works, Rodrigo shares his knowledge and insight with up-and-coming percussionists.


Celia Cruz / Tony Martinez