Werner von Waltsleben


"I remember sitting down behind a Sonor kit for the first time at Heritage studios in Capetown, South Africa. I was hooked and I had to get my hands on it immediately. Such versatile, warm and beautiful sounding drums and being part of the Sonor family is such an honour. We are truly one big happy family."


Werner von Waltsleben is a South African drummer based in beautiful Cape town. Originally he is from a small town in the country side where his father bought him his first drum kit at the age of 17. Playing to some of his dad's old records led to playing in his father's cover bands, joining his school band, playing at small gigs and festivals near his town and his first ever drum lesson.

After a number of gigs and small workshops after finishing high school he got his first break after the call to tour Europe with SAMA award winning band, K.O.B.U.S. Becoming a full time musician changed from being just a dream to reality. He started studying under Johnny Clegg's legendary drummer, Barry van Zyl where even a bigger flame was lit. Werner moved to the city where more and more studio and live opportunities came across his path playing a wide variety of genres and working with some of the countries finest acts such as Macstanley, Farryl Purkiss, The Very Wicked, Sannie Fox, BEAST, Lucy Kruger, Machineri and more!

This all happened due to the good friends he made along the way and he still strives higher and higher as a musician. He is more than honored to play drums full time in his beautiful country and cherishes every single moment. He is a hard worker and wants to make everything sound good and feel good for the listener and the artist.