How a global player can help the top players. And everyone, who wants more than just a good instrument.

Global networking has entered the music arena. Today sounds, recordings and live concerts can be broadcast via Internet simultaneously into every part of the world. The information age creates new rules and new challenges for the music business and the publication of music. Technological developments take place at an incredible pace and require a new way of thinking also from a musical instrument manufacturer - across all borders.

SONOR has taken action at an early stage and secured global alliances. Product innovations are being developed by an international design team. Musicians, engineers, design specialists from Europe, the U.S., Japan and Australia, to name but a few, work together to create instruments, that are unique in sound and design.

Success, however, is not confined to quality standards alone. It requires the ability to realize quality everyday in international markets. This led to a strategic expansion of production facilities in order to produce instruments close to the key future markets, such as Asia and to increase SONOR's role as a key global player. Through consistent know how transfer and global thinking SONORs quality is today being created in production facilities in China and in SONORs main factory in Germany for high end instruments.

SONOR - Present, and Future

At the headquarter in Aue we still strive for the highest possible quality to result in the best sounding instruments available. Quality that is put into every single instrument, from ProLite series (Vintage Maple Shells), SQ² (built on special customer request), Artist Series Snare Drums (exclusive models developed in combination with SONORs top artist), to the 600 Series Hardware Line and Giant Step Pedals.  

Innovative and groundbreaking developments did not only happen in the past, they are still happening to date and find their way onto stages around the world, as well as public school classrooms and music schools.  

SONOR Artists - only some names from the international family of artists:

Christoph Schneider | RAMMSTEIN

Danny Carey | TOOL

Phil Rudd | AC/DC

Andreas Nowak | SILBERMOND


Mikkey Dee | MOTÖRHEAD

Jost Nickel | JAN DELAY

Dennis Poschwatta | GUANO APES

Gavin Harrison | PORCUPINE TREE

Chris Coleman | PRINCE

Glenn Kotche | WILCO

Nathan Walker | LIT


Dino Campanella | DREDG

Jojo Mayer | NERVE


Aaron Harris | ISIS

Beppo Schnermann | FOTOS

Eike Herwig | DONOTS

Shannon Leto | 30 SECONDS TO MARS

Sebastian "Based" Krajewski | PETER FOX / SEED

Tomas Haake | MESHUGGAH