Rick Leith


I took up drums at the lucky age of 13, and never looked back. In and out of different bands from age 15 to 23, I drew a wellspring of diverse influence from the likes of Joey Jordison, Lars, Van Halen, Grohl, Shannon Larkin, Stewart Copeland, Dave Lombardo, Danny Carey, John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Seven Antonopolous, Tomas Haake - to name only a few.

After teaching percussion for a few years, my first steady gig came in 1993 when I joined the Northern Virginia heavy alternative band "NO SaNER". Upon the release of our first full-length release "Ire", the band signed with DSI Records and picked up a sponsorship from Jagermeister.

After touring up, down, and all around in support of three more albums, NO SaNER disbanded in 1998. Although a little break was what I wanted, as fate would have it, the band "Breakingform" was looking for a drummer. Not only were they making all the right moves in the DC scene, they were just what I was looking for... A fresh, original hard rock act to give the people a new reason for coming to shows again and again- by providing them with a new breed of Rock and Roll, and a great stage show. It was this project that allowed me to hone my backup, and eventually lead vocal skills. I departed Breakingform in the Summer of 2006, and am now the drummer for One Slack Mind. 


One Slack Mind


*NO SaNER: Ire 1993

*NO SaNER: Whiff 1994

*NO SaNER: The Dirty Tracks 1995

*NO SaNER: NO SaNER 1997

*BREAKINGFORM: Holding up the Gravity 1999

*BREAKINGFORM: Number Two 2002

*BREAKINGFORM: Three Shots 2005


*NO SaNER: Breed, featured on Local Music Store Sampler "For Play" 1994

*NO SaNER: Polish, featured on "Oasis Duplication Rock Sampler No. 3" 1997

*NO SaNER: Past This Day, featured on Jagermeister Compilation No. 1 "Let It Pour" 1997

*BREAKINGFORM: Steppin' Off the Train, featured on "Oasis Alternative Duplication Sampler No. 10" 2000

*BREAKINGFORM: Let Me In, featured on Jagermeister Compilation No. 4 "JagerMusic 2003"

*BREAKINGFORM: Soccer Mom, featured on Jagermeister Compilation "JagerMusic 2006"

*ONE SLACK MIND: Goat, Pluck, Glass 1/2 Full featured on Guerilla Records Compilation "Pain and Sorrow" 2008