SW 1408 S "Straight 8"

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High quality snare wires Made in Germany

SoundWire is SONOR’s answer to any drummer looking for new ways to enhance their snare drum sound.

The snare wire was developed along with the Gavin Harrison “Protean” Signature Snare Drum and Gavin himself designed this special 8-strand snare wire configuration for 14” Snare Drums:

“Straight 8” - features 8 Stainless Steel strands in center position. This snare wire gives a nice clear and crisp bite to the sound.


item namesnare wire
seriesSound Wire
item descriptionSW 1408 S "Straight 8
item no.74712059
diameter0,5 mm
unit1 piece
Snareteppich Spiralen8 stainless steel wires
snare wire wiresSW 1408 S "Straight 8", 14'', 8 stainless steel wires 0,5 mm