SoundWire Snare Wires

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High quality snare wires Made in Germany

SoundWire is Sonor's answer to all drum enthusiasts looking for new ways to enhance their snare drum sound.

With 3 different materials - stainless steel, brass and bronze - and 16 variations of snare wires the SoundWire range offers a wide variety of choices. The unique "Straight 8", "EQ" and "Spacer" snare models were developed with Gavin Harrison for his "Protean" signature snare drum model, and later added to the product range. Each SoundWire set of snares comes in an attractive wooden box that ensures best protection. SoundWire snares can be mounted by strings (included), or nylon straps (available separately).

SoundWire snares feature specially designed end-plates that ensure perfect snares-to-head contact. Round shaped edges of the plates prevent the heads from being damaged when tightening the snares.

All SoundWire snares are handmade in the Sonor factory in Germany.

Sound Variations

Stainless Steel: these are typical “all-round” snares. The material makes these snares the strongest within the SoundWire range for the most demanding players. They offer precise attack and a high dynamic range.

Bronze: Bronze is classified as a “soft” material due to its elasticity. It allows for a longer decay of the snare vibration. The snare sound has reduced overtones and can be described as “mellow”. These snares are ideally suited for orchestral use and for the playing with brushes or rods.

Brass: at a given tension brass snares produce brilliant, crisp snare sounds with defined short attack.


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