Giant Single Pedal

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Maximum speed and power

SONOR Giant Step bass drum pedals are the best tool for discriminating drummers refusing to sacrifice any musical freedom. As a state-of-the-art pedal, Giant Step delivers an optimum feel for the music along with speed and handling. The extraordinary design and numerous enhancement options elevate Giant Step pedals to a class unto themselves. From the Target Point foot board to the docking station, every aspect of the Giant Step series has been designed with the utmost attention to detail.

A choice of Single, Double and Middle pedals allows every drummer to find the perfect ’Giant Step’.

Single Pedal – Just Faster

Another gem in the Giant Step series! Equipped with all the important features like: Target Point, Rotation Pendulum, Smart Connect and Docking Station.

Smart Connect System – The Flexible Pedal Attachment

The "Smart Connect" system means quick and effortless attachment of the pedal with an adjustable ball clamp through a firm lever mechanism. A cylindrical axle connection neutralizes any possible tensions traditionally caused by different bass drum angle positions.

Anti Slip Rubber – There’s No Escape

Get a grip on any surface! The bass drum plate has an anti-slip rubber profile with self-adhesive velcro.

Giant Step Bag – Complete Protection / Safe Transport

All Giant Step pedals are supplied standard with a heavy duty nylon carrying bag.

All Giant Step pedals are equipped with a chain drive. An exchangeable strap is included.

Giant Step pedals

Straps, chains, springs, and beaters are also available.


item nameGiant Single Pedal
seriesGiant Step
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