Drummer's Throne

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XS 2000er Series

SONOR’s basic hardware series is characterized by good handling with professional appearance. The hardware standard with lots of grip for added playing confidence.

New throne top

The throne top holds a drum key to make sure you are having your most important within reach all of the time.

The new sturdy Die Cast holder underneath the throne top provides super grip of the spindle.

New wing screw / wing nuts

New wing screw/ wing nuts design enforces grip on every connection.

New rubber feet design

The new rubber feet design enhances the stability and ground contact of the stands.


unit1 piece
item no.14525501
item nameDrummer's throne lower version
item detailsround seat, extractable tube and Drum Key Holder
finishchrome plated
seriesHardware XS 2000
item descriptionDT XS 2000