THE BIG 5 - SONOR Signature Snares

'The Big Five' refers to the most dangerous animals in Africa.  The 'SONOR Big Five' are the most dangerous Signature Snare Drums that SONOR manufactures.                                                   Dangerous for a reason: if you play one, you want one...

Gavin Harrison "Protean"  - Versatile daily workhorse made of Birch. Vintage meets modern.

Mikkey Dee - Well balanced and loud Birch sound.                                             

Steve Smith  -  Crisp, full-bodied sound. Cast steel snare with an immediate and effortless playing.                                                                                                   

Benny Greb - Transparent and warm Beech sound. Wide tuning range with a fat sound                                                                                                      

Phil Rudd  - Fat intimidating sound. Brass snare that is punchy with an edge.