Three22 Shell Set WM22" x 14" BD / 13" x 8" TT / 16" x 14" FT / STH-VT 674 MC

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SONOR Vintage Series Sound

The rounded bearing edge creates more head contact, which generates a beefier and little shorter sound in comparison to the 45 degree cut shells. The result is a warm, dry but yet resonant sound that you'll notice on older drum records.

SONOR Vintage Series Shell Design

9‐ply / 6 mm cross laminated tension free (CLTF) on all drums

Superprofil Hoops - redesigned.

SONOR has redesigned the original "Superprofil" hoop from the 1950s - a 2.3 mm triple flanged steel hoop with classic shape on snare drum, tom toms and floor toms

Bass Drum Claws – Beautiful and Practical

Classic, Vintage-Style Bass Drum Claws with classic design tuning wing screws

TuneSafe – Right in Tune, 100% of the Time!

All SONOR lugs are equipped with the patented TuneSafe, which prevents the tension rods from loosening. Tune Safe supports maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments. Square-head tension rods with fine-pitch threads guarantee optimum tunability.

Batter and Resonance Heads – Made by REMO USA

Tom Toms / Floor Toms: Ambassador coated batter, Ambassador clear resonant

Snare Drum: Ambassador coated batter, Ambassador snare clear resonant

Bass Drum: 18" and 20" Powerstroke3 coated batter, 22" and 24" Powerstroke3 Black Dot batter. Powerstroke3 Fiberskyn resonant (all sizes)

New Bass Drum Bracket

Vintage bass drums and shell sets are now available with the re-issue of the classic "iron"-shape bracket, which fits all SONOR single- and double-tomholder.


shell hardware finishchrome plated
configurationwith bass drum bracket
item nameVintage Series Three22 Shell Set WM
shell materialBeech
item description
drums1 x Bass Drum 22" x 14" WM
1 x Tom Tom 13" x 8"
1 x Floor Tom 16" x 14"
1 x STH-VT 674 MC
item no.
shell finish outside