Symphonic Cymbals

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Armoni Symphonic Cymbals

Armoni Symphonic Cymbals are made out of that famous, high-quality B20 alloy (80% copper, 20% tin). Each cymbal is hand made, from casting to hammering and lathing. Only after being quality and sound checked, Armoni by SONOR symphonic cymbals are shipped out.

Sound Characteristics

Marching and concert cymbals from SONOR are best known for their wide tonal range. The handmade cymbals can be played anywhere, from outdoor to indoor, from small to big stages. Straps and pads are made out of a soft, pleasant leather and included with every pair.


item nameSymphonic Cymbals
item description
accessories1 x Cymbal Pad, AC BP
1 x Cymbal Strap, AC BR
item no.
unit1 pair