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SONOR Concert Glockenspiels have special alloy bars which are individually precision tuned by hand. The overtone tuning process ensure an excellent, pure and balanced sound. The KGL 30 can be equipped with a set of mounting legs. The legs and the mallets can be placed in the case for a safety transport. The KGL 100 in addition has a pedal muffler which provides secure sound control and easy transport. A marking on the stand provides a quick build up of the instrument.


item detailswith pedal damping
item nameGlockenspiel
sound bar colorsilver
sound bar materialmetal, specially alloyed
item description
tonesg2, g-sharp2, a2, b-flat2, b2, c3, c-sharp3, d3, d-sharp3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, g-sharp3, a3, b-flat3, b3, c4, c-sharp4, d4, d-sharp4, e4, f4, f-sharp4, g4, g-sharp4, a4, b-flat4, b4, c5
lowest noteg2
highest notec5
number of notes30
item no.
sound barsmetal, specially alloyed, silver
unit1 piece