Chime Bars Complete Sets

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The offered set includes 15 chime bars and the scale goes from c1 to c3, which corresponds to a c-major scale. The most important half-tones f‐sharp1, b‐flat1, f‐sharp2 and b‐flat2 are available separately. Bars are made of special alloy metal, size: 40 x 60mm, fundamental tuning. Resonators are made of shock‐resistant RESOPHEN.

The set  includes two pairs of mallets SCH 23 and song‐sheets with colored note heads matching the bars, so children (and parents) can play according to the colors and at the same time learn reading the notes.


item nameBoomwhackers Chime Bars
versionInternational model
sound bar colorBoomwhackers colors
sound bar materialmetal, specially alloyed
resonator box each tonemade of shock-resistant RESOPHEN, white
tuningfundamental tuning
scaleC major scale
item descriptionKS 40 L1 BW
tonesc1, d1, e1, f1, g1, a1, b1, c2, d2, e2, f2, g2, a2, b2, c3
accessories2 pair Felt Headed Mallet, SCH 23
lowest notec1
highest notec3
number of notes15
item no.22000401
sound barsmetal, specially alloyed, 40 mm x 6 mm
sound bar width40 mm
sound bars thickness6 mm
unit1 set