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item nameTenor-Alto Metallophone
sound bar colorgrey
sound bar materialmetal, specially alloyed
resonator boxesmade of pine plywood
tuningovertone tuning up to b1, fundamental tuning from c2
item descriptionTAKM 30
combination of itemsTAKM 10, TAKM 20
tonesc1, c-sharp1, d1, d-sharp1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, g-sharp1, a1, b-flat1, b1, c2, c-sharp2, d2, d-sharp2, e2, f2, f-sharp2, g2, g-sharp2, a2, b-flat2, b2, c3, c-sharp3
accessories1 pair Concert Mallet, SCH 16
lowest notec1
highest notec-sharp3
number of notes26
item no.29
sound barsmetal, specially alloyed, grey, 38 mm x 10 mm
sound bar width38 mm
sound bars thickness10 mm
unit1 piece