Benny Greb - "The Language of Drumming" Clinic Tour 2009


Benny Greb - "The Language of Drumming" Clinic Tour 2009

There is a difference between playing the drums and playing music on the drums. Not only is Benny capable of doing the former, but he is a true master when it comes to doing the latter.

Over the last few years Benny has rightly achieved world class status and recognition in the drum community. There is almost no drum festival in the world where Benny has not had the honour to perform. His drumming is slick, full of musicality and finesse. It has style and defines today's modern drumming. Benny Greb is one of the world's most gifted and promising drummers ever to appear on the scene.

Benny is about to pave his way to the top and is always a highly appreciated guest at drum events worldwide. His first instructional DVD "The Language of Drumming" has just been released on Hudson Music.

Don't miss the opportunity to cath Benny while he's in Canada for this tour!

June 30th - OTTAWA, ON Host: Dave's Drum Shop

July 2nd - KINGSTON, ON
Host: Renaissance Music

Host: Cosmo Music

July 5th - WINNIPEG, MB Host: Long & McQuade

July 6th - EDMONTON, AB
Host: Acoustic Drum Shop

July 7th - CALGARY, AB Host: Long & McQuade

Host: Long & McQuade

Venues and times to be announced shortly!