Charlie Zeleny releases Drumageddon Manhattan: The Ultimate Drum Solo Video via YouTube


Charlie Zeleny releases Drumageddon Manhattan: The Ultimate Drum Solo Video via YouTube

Virtuoso Drum Solo Artist Charlie Zeleny releases the much anticipated Drumageddon Manhattan as the follow up to the critically acclaimed Drumageddon Brooklyn drum solo video.  Drumageddon Manhattan: The Ultimate Drum Solo Video (a.k.a. Drummer Solos All Times Square NYC in One Take) is viewable after Thursday May 24th, 2012 at 12 Noon EST via his YouTube channel
Drumageddon Manhattan: Drummer Solos All Times Square NYC in One Take.

Drumageddon Brooklyn: One-Take Drum Solo Up Entire Brooklyn Building.

The Drumageddon Manhattan video takes the concept of the drum solo across multiple environments to the next level featuring tons of NYC culture, characters and over-the-top drumming on even more extreme drumsets all across Times Square NYC in one continuous 5 minute take. Filmed in conjunction with Charlie Zeleny & Drumageddon Productions, Chris Ott & Evil Dog Films, Bryan Kane & Bone Gunn, Brian Penny & Three Egg Studios, Jason Rutherford & Cablesmith, this video shows a new evolution of the art of the drum solo as a performance art form for the 21st century.
The previous Drumageddon Brooklyn video was a non-stop 8 minute drum solo up an entire Brooklyn Building from street to rooftop in which he played on 123 drums/cymbals/percussion items filmed in one continuous take. The Drumageddon Brooklyn video was featured on over 250 websites in over 125 countries & in New York Magazine, The Brigade, Viral Video Chart on Unruly Media, Wall Street Journal, CNN, World News, Metal Hammer Magazine, SMN News, Rock Overdose, Heavy Metal Buzz Radio, Spiked Nation, Voice in Finland, Metal Injection, Rhythm Magazine, Metal Sucks, Whiplash Brazil, Metal Underground and Melodic Rock among many others.

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Drumageddon Brooklyn Reviews:
"We've seen some hell-a crazy drum solos in our time, but managing to take one up an entire Brooklyn Building from street-to-roof level might just take it...the Most Mental Drum Solo Ever."
Metal Hammer Magazine

"Drumageddon is the Ultimate Drum Solo. Charlie Z tears through a Brooklyn building drumming his way onto the roof."
New York Magazine

"A Drum Video that will make you want to quit drumming or never even start."
Metal Injection

"Zeleny's drumming has to be heard to even be believed."
All Music Guide
"Bored of drum solos? Check this guy out!"
Rhythm Magazine UK
"Charlie Zeleny has proven himself a drumming monster."
BNR Metal
"Charlie Zeleny plays an 8 minute drum solo while climbing up floors of a Brooklyn building in one continuous take (!!!). He really sells it...Really cool concept."
Metal Sucks
"Probably the coolest and most creative drum solo I've seen in a long time. Charlie Zeleny. Must watch even if you're not a drummer!"
Most drum solos are boring but Charlie Zeleny is simply amazing...the all time most insane drum solo."
Hymhuulet Finland
"The single most metal drum solo ever!"
Pulse of the Maggots
"Yeah, this is basically the best drum solo you'll ever see."
Movook Japan