Czech Distributor visits SONOR


Today SONOR welcomed Frantisek Hönig, David Hofrichter and Jan Cervenka from Czech Distribution company FRANTISEK HÖNIG.

HÖNIG is SONOR's exclusive distribution partner for more than 22 years. More details under

Besides product presentations, an open discussion about all things SONOR and a view into the 139 years of the company's history, they took a factory tour and learned about the craftmanship and love to detail that is put into the instruments manufactured in Germany.

(Picture, left to right: Andy Strack, Export Manager SONOR; Frantisek Hönig and David Hofrichter, Managing Directors FRANTISEK HÖNIG Co.; David Schulz, Project Manager SONOR; Jan Cervenka, Marketing Manager FRANTISEK HÖNIG)