Drums 2010


Drums 2010

Delite Series News 2010

NEW – 14" x 6" Delite Brass Snare Drum Model
Well known for its bright, crisp and full-bodied sound the popular 14" x 5" Delite Brass Snare Drum gets a big brother with the new 14" x 6" model. Equipped with our unique TuneSafe feature, this solid Made in Germany Snare Drum will cut through with its sound and overall performance.

NEW – 18" x 14" Delite Jazz Size Bass Drum
An 18" x 14" Bass Drum size was added to the range of individual drums, especially designed for Jazz Drummers. Available with or without a Tom Mount.

S Classix Series News 2010

NEW – 14" x 6" S Classix Snare Drum Model
A 14" x 6" Snare Drum Size Model has been added to our existing S Classix range. The new size completes the variety of available 12" x 5", 13" x 5" and 14" x 5" Snare Drums.

A full-bodied but at the same time open sound characterizes the new 14" x 6" Snare Drum which comes with all the unique features you expect from a SONOR Made in Germany instrument.

NEW – S Classix Snare Strainer Upgrade
The current S Classix Snare Strainer will be replaced by the popular Snare Strainer we use on all Delite Series Snare Drums. The Strainer is best known for its smooth Action. This adds yet another high end feature to our top notch, Made in Germany S Classix Snare Drums.

NEW – S Classix Individual Drum Sizes available
An 18" x 14" Jazz size Bass Drum and 12" x 8" Tom Tom was added to the range of individual S Classix drums. The Bass Drum is available with or without Tom Mount.

NEW – S Classix Black Glass Glitter Finish
Inspired by our successful Black Silver and Gold Glass Glitter finishes and the growing demand for more of these outstanding high-quality Delmar wraps, we are proud to introduce the brand new Black Glass Glitter finish. This finish offers a classic black look combined with a phenomenal bright glitter effect.