French "Trophée SONOR 2011" contest big success!


French "Trophée SONOR 2011" contest big success!

This 2011 edition happened to be very exciting indeed. It took place October 29th and 30th in the Theatre of Semur en Auxois, France, as usual, and gathered an enthusiastic audience (more than 700 people). The jury was composed of 4 well-known and highly respected drummers. Timings were perfect (no delay.) Competitors were about 160. They came from all over the country to attend the last step of Trophée SONOR 2011. What will be remembered from this edition is the accuracy level of the competitors, which seems to get higher and higher year after year, the performances of Michaël Boudoux, Claude Gastaldin, Jacky Bourbasquet-Pichard and Jean-Baptiste Perraudin on S-Classix kits as well, not to speak of an excellent overall atmosphere.

Like every year, the winners have been granted with different prices, depending on their category, such as SONOR Snare drums, pedals and accessories packs, and a Limited Edition Phil Rudd kit for the winner of the highest category (Excellence). Congrats to all participants!!

The Winners:
Martin Assemat en Initiation 1
Louka Satche en Initiation 2 (teacher Cyril Satche)
Antoine Verplaetse en Préparatoire 1 (teacher ChristoPict.e Penalva)
Matthieu Amoudruz en Préparatoire 2 (teacher Benjamin Riggi)
Louis Tanton en Fin de Premier Cycle (teacher Denis Mochet)
Alexis Pouget en Elémentaire 1 (teacher Cyril Satche)
Benjamin Chamoux en Elémentaire 2 (teacher Daniel Cerruti)
Grégoire Dewale en Moyen (teacher Thierry Robin)
Rémi Monard en Supérieur (teacher Bruno Monard)
Bertrand Meunier-Carus en Excellence (teacher J-Pierre Charra)

The Jury:
Michaël Boudoux, Jacky Bourbasquet-Pichard, Claude Gastaldin