Marching 2010


Marching 2010

COMFORT LINE – A NEW MARCHING BASS DRUM GENERATIONAfter more than 2 years of development SONOR is proud to introduce the all-new Marching Bass Drum Series “Comfort-Line”, most likely the lightest Marching Bass Drums in the world!

The largest of three available sizes, 26" x 14" comes with a weight of just 5 kg / 11 lbs. and offers groundbreaking carrying comfort. Four eyelets are mounted to easily attach virtually any brand of carrying slings. Whereas the weight was reduced to a minimum, the foam muffle equipped Bass Drums still deliver that deep sound.

Available sizes:

MC 2410 CB Comfort-Line Bass Drum, 24" x 10"
MC 2612 CB Comfort-Line Bass Drum, 26" x 12"
MC 2614 CB Comfort-Line Bass Drum, 26" x 14"


Covered Black (CB) with Black Drumheads
Covered White (CW) with White Drumheads