Michael Wolpers to join Running Wild


Long time SONOR Endorser Michael Wolpers joins legendary "Running Wild" for their headliner show at this year's "Wacken Open Air".

Besides songs from the band's long history they will exclusively perform a new song from the forthcoming album at the world's biggest Heavy Metal Festival.

Michael will be using his SQ2 Set consisting of:


  • 2 x 22x18“ Bass Drums (Maple Vintage)
  • 10x8 Tom (Medium Maple)
  • 12x9 Tom (Medium Maple)
  • 14x12 Tom (Medium Maple)
  • 16x14 Tom (Medium Maple)
  • 14x7 2015 One of a Kind LE Model Snare Drum
  • 20x 18 Bass Drum / Gong Tom (Beech Medium)