Mikkey Dee Video now online!!


Mikkey Dee Video now online!!

We are proud to announce a new video that features MIKKEY DEE (Motörhead) talking about his All-New Signature Series Snare Drum!!

Mikkey, best known as the Drum-Powerhouse for Rock'n Roll's loudest live-band: Motörhead, has been part of the SONOR family of artists for more than 30 years. After filling the drum throne for artists such as King Diamond & Dokken and having appeared on numerous recordings, Mikkey joined Motörhead in the early 90's. His style, both unique and powerful is recognized as the key ingredient to Motörhead’s thunderous sound!

Model: SSD12-14X7.25MD
Signature Snare Drum: Mikkey Dee


  •     14" x 7.25" Shell Size
  •     9-Ply Birch Shell Construction
  •     Wide tuning range, powerful mids and highs, well balanced low-end
  •     Chrome Hardware, Power Hoops
  •     Unique Motörhead Mikkey Dee Wrap Design, designed by Mark DeVito          (Motörhead Album Designer)