New 2018 ONE OF A KIND Snare Drums


One Of A Kind... that's what you get with one of those handbuilt masterpieces. The stunning natural grown veneers make each snare drum as unique as your fingerprint. We selected a certain tree for each edition, then our master builders shape the veneers into form - not only on the outside but also on the inside of the shell! Our extensive highgloss lacquering method brings depth to the precious wooden surface - a SONOR hallmark.

For the first time we use hybrid shells made from maple and birch or maple and beech which also bring a sonical addition to the past issues of our "one of a kind" drums. The instruments badges highlight the laser cut iconic mallet logo, made out of the same veneer that is used on the snares itself. We take care about and respect our environment. Therefor all veneers come from certified and resource-saving trade partners.

Get your one out of ninetynine collector's item now!

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