New finishes and set configurations added!


New finishes and set configurations added!

SONOR presents new Finishes and Set Configurations at the Winter NAMM Show 2009

New Delite Series Finishes added!

Tiger Finish:
Without a doubt one of the most extraordinary wood veneers available on the market. This veneer is a true eye catcher wherever it appears, due to both its superior grain and high quality high gloss lacquering “Made in Germany.”

Ebony Finish:
The Ebony high gloss lacquered veneer is one of the most beautiful and sought-after drum finishes available. Now available in our Delite series – by popular demand!

New S Classix Series Finishes added!

The Stratawood veneer in satin gloss comes from our award-winning custom SQ2 Series. Stratawood is an extraordinary wood veneer, with a classic and smooth look.

Gold Glass Glitter:
Exciting … Outstanding … Classy … Vintage! The new Gold Glass Glitter is a high quality Delmar wrap that offers a perfect ‘60s retro style look!
Black Silver Glass Glitter:
From extreme smooth Silver to Black fade, this high quality wrap from Delmar offers another eye catching glitter effect to our 2009 line-up of new finishes.

Also new:
Gold Oyster (Delmar wrap)

New for 2009 — FORCE 3007 Rock Set Configuration and Finishes!

New Rock Set Configuration … For those about to rock!
The new Rock Set configuration is perfect for Rock music and all its different sub-genres. The kit comes with an extra deep 22” x 20” Bass Drum (w/o mount) for more low end, a shallow 12” x 8” Tom Tom, a 16” x 16” Floor Tom and a 14” x 6” Snare Drum. A 5-piece hardware kit is also included.

Smooth Red Burst:
The new high gloss Smooth Red Burst sets a new spot in our Force 3007 Series. As all finishes from Sonor, it offers a high level of quality shine due to our professional lacquering process.

Smooth Brown Burst:
Smooth Brown Burst is another new finish that gives you an individual and exclusive look.

Black Red Sparkle & Orange Sparkle Fade (w/ black shell hardware):
Metalheads, get ready! This kit makes a serious statement on any stage. Introducing black powder shell hardware that comes standard with this, and our other new finish, Orange Sparkle Fade.

FORCE 2007 Series updated with Rock Set Configuration and Finishes!

Rock Set configuration:
This new kit configuration is just perfect if you want to Rock out with that solid Birch sound. An extra deep 22” x 20” Bass Drum (w/o mount), a 12” x 8” Tom Tom, a 16” x 16” Floor Tom as well as a 14” x 6” Snare Drum make this kit a heavy hitter. A 5-piece hardware kit is also included. New for 2009 is Dark Green Burst & Natural Fade. These burst and fade finishes are very smooth, but still stunning!

New FORCE 507 and 1007 Series Finishes Added for 2009!

Our Force 1007 Series comes with two new Finishes:
Smooth Red, and Snow White (w/ black shell hardware).

Our Force 507 Set is designed for beginners taking their first steps into the drum community.
Brushed Blue is the new added finish.

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