NEWS 2016: Vintage Series "Red Oyster" Finish and bass drum mount


SONOR adds new color and mounting options to Vintage Series

SONOR has announced several additions to the 2014 introduced and critically acclaimed Vintage Series of drums at Winter NAMM 2016.

The SONOR team, in cooperation with artists and collectors, worked tirelessly to bring the Vintage Series of drums as close as possible to the look, feel and sound of its predecessor the Teardrop drums. SONOR then combined its knowledge of modern drum building, with the look and sound of vintage drums, to create an instrument that will hold up to today's modern playing.

New Finish: Red Oyster

The classic Red Oyster wrap - already used by SONOR back in the 1950s and 1960s adds another timeless and stylish highlight to the existing range of colors (semi gloss lacquered Vintage Natural and Vintage Onyx, Vintage Pearl wrap), perfectly relating to the Teardrop era.

Vintage Series Bass Drum Bracket & Tom Holders

By popular demand, SONOR also announces the introduction of a Vintage Series Bass Drum Bracket, designed based on the original "iron"-shape of the classic 1950s era drumkits and features the Vintage Series wing screw.

The new bracket will be available for all single bass drums (18" / 20" / 22" / 24"), as well as the Three20 and Three22 pre-configured shell kits.

Two new tom holders - a single and double tom holder, based on the 600 Series of Hardware, are also being introduced. SONOR already added a flatbase Boom Stand and Snare Stand in their 2000 Lightweight Series of Hardware in 2014.