Perfect Balance Pedal Update


Perfect Balance Pedal Update

Dear valued customer,

At SONOR, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. Not only we want all our products to meet our very own high quality standard, but also meet the customer's expectation of SONOR making the best products out there, at an incredibly high standard.

After the first production run of the new "Perfect Balance Pedal designed by Jojo Mayer" was shipped we received great feedback from all over the world. Unfortunately, we have also received concerns from consumers about few technical dysfunctions, which we have immediately addressed with our R&D department in order to improve the product. Herewith we would like to update you about these topics:

Pedal strap:
The situation is such that the very first shipment of pedals utilized straps that were slightly under‐spec in terms of thickness and rigidity (resulting in a stretch effect), due to what was readily available to be shipped at the time the pedals were manufactured. Proper replacement straps were sent immediately to our distribution partners.
Pedals included in further shipments (production month June / July 2012) have been pre-assembled with that strap but proper replacement straps have been included in the pedal box so that consumers can exchange them with minimum effort.

All pedals produced from August 2012 have been shipped with the right strap. If you should however received pedals with the wrong one and no replacement, please contact your local SONOR dealer to request free of charge replacement straps.

Heel plate joint:
During the development of the Perfect Balance Pedal it was decided to use a metal bolt for the heel plate/footboard connection. The main reason for this decision was to create a lower profile at the heel part in comparison to the profile that could be created using other connection options like bearings etc. The low profile heel plate is a main feature that creates the superior performance and feel of the Pedal.

Connecting the heel plate and footboard by using a bolt is a common method for most pedals on the market. However, this method sometimes results in unwanted "play" or movement of the connection. If the connection between both parts is too tight, the footboard will be too stiff. It is a tightrope walk trying to find the perfect tightness.

Playing the Perfect Balance Pedal with a little ‘lateral play’ in the heel plate/ footboard connection usually does not create any unwanted sound but we have noticed that some sound was being produced by a few of the pedals that were shipped. We have therefore installed a solution in the production to eliminate this issue, effective immediately.

If you have any further questions regarding the aforementioned topics, please feel free to contact us via Email ( We apologize for any inconvenience this may has caused. We appreciate your support and will continue to release great innovative products to the market with uncompromised quality backed by superior customer service!

Yours sincerely