PRODUCT NEWS 2014: New Boomwhackers Chime Bars



SONOR, proudly celebrating a tradition of over 135 years of excellence has announced a further collaboration with Rhythm Band Instruments LLC., the company behind the famous Boomwhackers®. In 2011, SONOR started the collaboration with Rhythm Band Instruments to introduce a glockenspiel with bars in Boomwhackers® colors. After the very successful launch and demand for more SONOR now introduces a set of Boomwhackers® Chime Bars.

The concept for the original SONOR Chime Bar set KS 40 L has been popular with children, kindergarten teachers and music pedagogues for years. With a new design SONOR has applied a new child friendly and modern appearance to the instruments and enables a visual reference to Bommwhackers® music literature. The set includes 15 chime bars and the scale goes from c1 to c3. The common used semitones f‐sharp1, b‐flat1, f‐sharp2 and b‐flat2 are available individually.

Bars are made of special alloy metal, size: 40 x 6 mm, fundamental tuning. Resonators are made of shock‐resistant RESOPHEN. The set includes two pairs of mallets SCH 23 and song‐sheets with colored note heads matching the bars, so children (and parents) can play according to the colors and at the same time learn reading the notes.

KS 40 L1 BW Chime Bars "Boomwhackers®"

KS 40 L1 INT BW international Version