PRODUCT NEWS 2014: New Cajon models


Baterita ‐ The drummer's Cajon

"Baterita" is a mini series consisting of three new Cajon models. They were especially designed for drummers who are playing acoustic gigs and need outstanding voluminous bass in combination with a crisp snare sound. They feature a completely colored body and front plate with exciting "Tribal" veneer, known from SONOR's High End custom drum series "SQ²".

CAJ BA Cajon Baterita

Material of Body and Front Plate: Birch

Snare System: Snare Wires

Measurements: 465mm x 320mm x 318mm (H x W x D)


Cajon Grande Ola

Understated elegance and naturalness are the characteristics of the new Cajon "Grande Ola" (Ola = Spanish for "wave") for the entry price level. It features the same popular sound characteristics as SONOR's top selling model CAJ GR Cajon Grande.

CAJS GNO Cajon Grande Ola

Material of the Body: Birch

Front Plate: Birch (2mm) + Veneer

Snare System: Snare Wires

Measurements: 485mm x 295mm x 295mm (H x W x D)

New Primero Cajon Pads

Simple, elegant and extremely versatile: the new Primero Cajon Pads. Equipped with snare wires, these Pads evoke authentic Cajon sound. Non‐slippery foam at the bottom of the Pads guarantees a controlled and pleasant feeling while playing. Cajon Pads can be used as a portable Cajon to practice Cajon techniques anywhere at lower volumes. Furthermore they provide additional sound options within the sets of percussionists. Another possibility is to use them in schools or kindergartens. Play them with mallets and they sound like a snare drum.

CAJ PAD PW Cajon Pad Primero White

CAJ PAD PB Cajon Pad Primero Black

Material of The Body: MDF (19mm)

Playing Area: Birch (2mm)

Measurements: 25mm x 295mm x 295mm (H x W x D)

DIY Cajon kit

The DIY "Do it Yourself" Cajon‐Set allows the user to build its own fully functional cajon.

All parts are precisely prefabricated for easy assembling, so that also children can demonstrate their craftsmanship skills here. High quality wood material and snare wire elements guarantee a great sound. The set is designed in such a way that it is ideally suited for the use in schools or group seminars. It contains all tools and materials needed for assembling, so that the participants can start immediately without undue preparation. Furthermore, each set includes a setup guide with detailed assembly instructions and tips for the first playing lesson. After construction the DIY Cajon can be colored, stamped, printed, oiled, waxed or lacquered.

Estimated assembly time: 2 hours. The DIY‐Cajon‐Set is available in children and adult size.

CAJS DIY K Do it Yourself Cajon Kids (330mm x 295mm x 295mm)

CAJS DIY A Do it Yourself Cajon Adults (450mm x 295mmx x295mm)