PRODUCT NEWS 2015: SONOR Vintage Series



SONOR, the worldwide well-known manufacturer for producing the most excellent quality and innovative drum & percussion instruments, celebrating its 140th anniversary  in 2015, brings back a iconic sound and  look of the time in between the 1950's and the early 1970's and proudly reveals the VINTAGE drum series, being introduced at the annual Winter NAMM Show 2015.

> The new SONOR Vintage Series, made in Germany

Already in the 60's SONOR Teardrop kits were build to the highest quality standards and were highly rated by international stars like Connie Kay, Sonny Payne or Kenny 'Klook' Clark.      

SONOR Teardrop kits are one of the most sought after vintage drums. Utilizing rounded bearing edges, the new VINTAGE series drums represent the return of the 'old SONOR sound' into its product line. SONOR introduced the 45 degree bearing edge in 1975, which we still use today on all SQ2, Prolite, and Force series drums. With the addition of the Vintage Series, drummers will have access to a complete palette of sounds that is uniquely SONOR.

The SONOR team, in cooperation with artists and collectors, worked tirelessly to bring the new Vintage drum line as close as possible to the look, feel and sound of its predecessor the Teardrop drums. SONOR then combined its knowledge of modern drum building, with the look and sound of vintage drums, to create an instrument that will hold up to today’s modern playing.

Like in the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE drum series feature hand‐selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges. We have carefully recreated the look and feel of the 1950’s teardrop lug and updated it with SONOR’s exclusive Tunesafe™ system. Being sure not to overlook any details, SONOR has redesigned the Superprofil triple flanged hoops and brought back the timeless SONOR badge and logo used in between 1952 and 1961.

VINTAGE snare drums feature a new throw off. The 'Super 50', a completely redesigned strainer, was inspired by the throw off which was used on the SONOR D-411 and D-412 snares in the 1950's.

The semi gloss lacquered Vintage Natural and Vintage Onyx, plus the stylish aged Vintage Pearl wrap finish relate perfectly to the Teardrop era.

Preconfigured shell sets and a variety of single components complete the new Vintage series concept, also matching to the historical predecessor.

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Specifications and Features:

Shell material > hand‐selected premium German Beech wood

Shell construction > 9‐ply / 6 mm cross laminated tension free (CLTF) on all drums

Bearing edge > rounded bearing edges

Finishes > stain semi‐gloss ‐ 17306 Vintage Onyx/ 17321 Vintage Natural, wrapped finish  17329 Vintage Pearl
Shell hardware > chrome (Teardrop lugs featuring TuneSafe), traditional tom mounting prism clamp

Snare strainer > Super 50, redesigned throw off strainer system of the 50's

Snare wires > SW 1418 S (18 wires stainless steel, Made in Germany)

Drum hoops > stain semi‐gloss on stain semi‐gloss bass drums, wrap inlay on wrapped finish bass drums

> Superprofil 2.3 mm steel hoops with classic shape on snare drum, tom toms and floor toms

Drum heads made by REMO USA > 18" and 20" bass drums – Powerstroke3 coated batter head / Powerstroke Fiberskyn3 resonant head

> 22" and 24" bass drums –Powerstroke3 Black Dot batter head / Powerstroke3 Fiberskyn resonant head

> Snare drum –Ambassador coated batter head / Ambassador snare resonant head

> Tom toms and floor toms – Ambassador coated batter heads and Ambassador clear resonant heads

Badges > Teardrop era styled badge / round vent hole badge

> Choice of 2 preconfigured shell sets
> Choice of 12 single components for all imaginable drum setups

For more information please check out:

The new SONOR Vintage series is available via most music retail stores starting February / March 2015. For more information check out the new SONOR catalogue and the SONOR homepage: to see the latest gear coming in 2015!

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