Roddy Blasts Through Boundaries of Extreme Metal!


Roddy Blasts Through Boundaries of Extreme Metal!

World Music 4all Publications proudly presents: The Evolution of Blast Beats, a new instructional method book and CD package from international drumming phenomenon Derek Roddy. The Evolution of Blast Beats offers for the first time in print, an in-depth and methodical approach to extreme metal drumming detailing the history of this underground style and the drumming focal point of this genre, the Blast beat.

This exceptional multi-media package begins with the European Skank beat and its variations which developed over time into an array of Blast beats found in today’s extreme metal scene. Variations of Traditional Blasts, Bomb Blasts, Hyper Blasts and Freehand Blasts are all covered in depth. Derek not only teaches you blasting patterns and techniques, but cleverly utilizes his exercises to help you improve your hand and foot speed, four-limb independence and your musical coordination. Derek also offers chapters of exercises which concentrate on the physical balance of playing the drums and suggests simple exercises which focus on breathing and endurance designed to improve your facility, ultimately offering a path to rhythmical freedom behind the drum set.

Throughout the book and audio, Derek explores various hand and foot patterns along with ostinato concepts and applications intended to push the boundaries of speed and stamina needed to play this style of music.

Additionally, one can easily apply these patterns and techniques into any musical setting or practice routine. If you are familiar with extreme metal music, this book/CD is for you, and if you haven’t explored this genre, this product will enlighten and educate any drum student, teacher or music enthusiast.

The accompanying CD component contains many of the exercises within the book showcasing the various aspects of extreme metal drumming and fundamental exercises to improve your skills. As an added bonus, Derek includes three play-along tracks and three guitar loops specifically designed to practice your new blasting patterns and improve your endurance behind the kit. The three songs are written and performed by Derek and include detailed performance notes, note-for-note transcriptions and simplified drum charts for each.

This book and CD package is a must-have for any drummer, teacher or student no matter what style of music you enjoy. The Evolution of Blast Beats retails for a suggested $24.95. For more information, contact World Music 4all Publications at 1.888.45.MUSIC (68742).

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