SONOR factory visit - a special gift


Michael and Teresa Argyle from Great Britain had a brilliant idea for the recent 18th birthday of their son Ben, who is a passionated drummer. They took him all the way down to Bad Berleburg-Aue in Germany for a visit of the SONOR factory.

After an extensive tour throughout the factory, Ben had the chance to test instruments in the showroom.

Says Ben: "There are many things I could say about Sonor, but one I believe that stands out above all others is freedom. Freedom is what I experienced when walking around the most incredible of facilities. Being able to entice my senses by touching the raw shells before being lacquered. Being able to smell the the rich wood in the summer air and most importantly hearing the most incredible tones and resonance at one with my every touch. This is entirely compatible with the humble people that work there. As I know they take as much pride and as much joy as making their drums, as much as I love playing them! People seem to care more about what drums they're playing apose to what sounds they are making. Sonor forget about that and with their vast history have created a product, but most importantly a sound, that is the essence of freedom and individuality. I can't thank Sonor and Mr. Dreisbach enough for what I can only say will be a memory I will cherish forever. Thank you !"