Johannes Link, born in 1847 in the small village of Forheim near Nördlingen, Germany, started to work as a turner and a tanner. These crafts were the foundation his factory of percussion instruments and drumheads was built upon in Weissenfels at the river Saale in 1875. Within a short period, it has developed from a small workshop into a globally successful manufacturer of drums and percussion instruments - the SONOR company.

For the first time, an extensive collection of historic facts from texts, pictures and documents of the Link family and the SONOR company has been compiled and reviewed by SONOR vintage expert Klaus Ruple. Thanks to his research in Weissenfels and to the present book, the company's unique and pioneering achievements in the area of German percussion instrument manufacturing now appear in new splendor.

The book (240 pages Hardcover, languages German and English) is available via the publisher's web shop:

(ISBN No. 978-3-936341-30-0).