SONOR launches AC/DC's Phil Rudd Special Edition Drum Kit!


SONOR launches AC/DC's Phil Rudd Special Edition Drum Kit!

With over 30 years of deep relationship, SONOR and Phil Rudd teamed up to create a Special Edition Drum Kit, to be released in autumn 2009.

Phil’s history with AC/DC is as long as his history with SONOR Drums, starting in the early 1970’s. The 5-piece Rock and Roll combo is without no doubt one of the most important and influential Rock bands and at the same time one of the most successful Rock bands of all time.
Phil, a born Australian is no less one of the most important persons in the drum world, having influenced thousands of drummers all over the globe. His playing style is truly unique and a trademark of its own and the AC/DC sound.

Already in 2008 Phil and SONOR started putting ideas together to create a Phil Rudd Special Edition Drum Kit. A year later, SONOR is proud to announce that the kit will be launched with the introduction of Phil’s new Signature Model Snare Drum.

The kit purely is all about Phil’s setup he uses since the “Stiff upper Lip” and the most recent “Black Ice” World Tour. A 22” x 18” Bass Drum (without Tom Mount), 13” x 13” Tom Tom, along with a 16” x 18” and 18” x 18” Floor Tom produce a fat, intimidating sound that cuts through easily. Pure high
voltage rock’n roll.

The Phil Rudd special edition kit badges and most of all, Phil’s signature printed on the front bass drum head give the kit its final personal touch.

The shell hardware comes in chrome whereas all drums are covered with a Classic Black wrap. Again, SONOR’s TuneSafe feature is used that offers easy and fast tuning and maximizes tuning stability.
With every drum kit comes a 6-piece 200 Series hardware set including Single Tom Stand, 2x Mini Boom Stands, Hi Hat Stand, Snare Drum Stand and a Single Bass Drum Pedal.

The Drum Kit is available via most music retail stores starting October 2009. For more information on AC/DC go to: