SONOR Managing Director visits South America


In June and July, SONOR managing director Karl-Heinz Menzel visited a number of distribution partners in South America. Besides general business discussion, a number of SONOR events were hosted while he was there.

MJ Music Co. S.L.R. Argentina is SONORs distribution partner since 2008. The Buenos Aires based company is owned by the Juricich family and sells SONOR to about 500 retail shops in Argentina. They were announced "Distributor Of The Year" by the SONOR company back in 2008, honoring their outstanding effort in Marketing and Sales activities for the SONOR brand. During the visit, Karl-Heinz Menzel held a product training for a number of important retailers, artists and MJ Music staff. The get-together was also accompanied by Argentinian magazine Bateristas Al Sur, which reported from the event in their July issue.

Uruguay is served by Todomusica S.A., which distributes SONOR since 2011. The Montevideo based company is one of Uruguay's top musical instrument distributors, also representing their distributed brands in their own retail stores around the country. A product training for sales staff was part of the visit, held in one of Todomusica's retail stores. The event was followed by a Drum Night with SONOR Endorsers from Uruguay.

Chilean distribution company Casa Amarilla, based in Santiago de Chile, overtook distribution in 2011. During the stay they organized a "SONOR Day" at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe in Santiago. About 250 drummers from all over Chile visited the event that was also featured in "Rockaxis" magazine. Read the article here.

The last station of the visit to the South American continent was Brazil. The relationship with Brazilian distribution partner Strike Music goes back to 1998, marking one of the longest relationships in South America. Strike Music set up various product trainings for retailers, staff and artists, which were held by Karl-Heinz Menzel.

A big Thank You from SONOR goes to all the people that were involved in setting up the visit and the events!