SONOR visits John Miceli (Meat Loaf)


Yesterday, April 25, a group of SONOR people visited long time SONOR artist John Miceli in Frankfurt while being on the road with Meat Loaf on his "Last at Bat" world tour in Frankfurt, Germany.

John is a SONOR artist family member since many years and played for - either recorded and / or toured - the likes of Meat Loaf, Blue Oyster Cult, Ritchie Blackmore, We Will Rock You Musical, Adam Lambert, My Chemical Romance, to name but a few.

Check out the tour dates of Meat Loaf's "Last at Bat" world tour!

Meat Loaf "Last at Bat" Tour Dates:


04.28.13 Meat Loaf live in Berlin - Mühlenstraße, Berlin

04.30.13 Meat Loaf live in Munchen - Munich, Germany

05.03.13 Meat Loaf live in Schleyerhalle - Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart

05.05.13 Meat Loaf live in Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany

05.08.13 Meat Loaf live in Oberhausen - Oberhausen, Germany

05.11.13 Meat Loaf Live in Zwolle - Zwolle, Holland

05.14.13 Meat Loaf live in Belfast - Belfast, Ireland

05.17.13 Meat Loaf live in Dublin - Dublin, Ireland

08.16.13 Meat Loaf live in Suffolk - Suffolk, England

08.17.13 Meat Loaf live in Berkshire - Berkshire, England


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