SONOR welcomes VINNIE FIORELLO from "Less Than Jake"


SONOR welcomes VINNIE FIORELLO from "Less Than Jake"

SONOR Drums is proud to announce the latest addition to their roster and gives a warm welcome to Vinnie Fiorello from "Less Than Jake"! His debut with SONOR Drums will be during the VANS Warped Tour that kicks of beginning of July.

Vinnie is a founding member of the ska punk band Less Than Jake. Vinnie grew up in New Jersey, having moved to Gainesville, FL at the age of 16. As a result, almost every Less Than Jake album features a reference to New Jersey. Though his drumming style does not reflect it, Vinnie was influenced by Dave Lombardo of Slayer.

As the lyricist, Vinnie is generally regarded as the symbolic frontman for the band, despite being the drummer, and is usually the subject of any interviews with the band as it was he and Chris Demakes, the band's guitarist, who founded the band at the University of Florida in 1992.

Vinnie is the founder, and former owner, of the Fueled by Ramen record label. Originally a small project to release music of bands he personally liked, the label expanded, releasing music from such high-profile artists as Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy, and list the likes of Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World and Home Grown as label alumni. After leaving Fueled by Ramen records, he and his Less Than Jake bandmates have created a new record label: "Sleep It Off Records".

He also owns the online designer toy and clothes company Wünderland War, formerly Monkey vs. Robot. The company have previously sponsored a Threadless competition. They are currently manufacturing their third series of toys, entitled "Symptoms", and is creating a new music management company called SETAFIRE. Fiorello has also recently started Paper + Plastick, a record label focused on joining artwork and music.

As well as musician, Fiorello is now a children's author. His first book "Sometimes Robots Like Being Robots: 13 Stories Looking Into the World of Robots" was released in 2008.