Updates from the road - Perfect Balance Tour


Updates from the road - Perfect Balance Tour

We are posting updates and pictures from the Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Tour frequently on our facebook profile. Like us and see what's happening on the road!!

Next stop: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic:

November 19 Ibbenburen, Germany (Venue: Musik Produktiv)
November 20 Hamburg, Germany (Venue: Just Music)
November 21 Neustrelitz, Germany (Venue: Shop2Rock)
November 22 Berlin, Germany (Venue: Just Music)
November 23 Brilon, Germany (Venue: Music World)
November 24 Bochum, Germany (Venue: House of Drums)
November 26 Cologne, Germany (Venue: Yard Club)

November 27 Wittlich, Germany (Venue: Der Musikladen Wittlich)
November 28 Karlsruhe, Germany (Venue: Rock Shop / Crystal Ballroom)
November 30 Ravensburg, Germany (Venue: Musikhaus Lange)
December 1 Munich, Germany (Venue: CO² Club)
December 3 Salzburg, Austria (Venue: Jazzit Musik Club)
December 4 Vienna, Austria (Venue: szene)
December 6 Kriens, Switzerland (Venue: Südpol Musik & Tanz Theater)
December 7 Bern, Switzerland (Venue: Orbital Garden)
December 8 Basel, Switzerland (Venue: Sommercasino)
December 10 Warsaw, Poland (Venue: Olsztyn Club 'Grawitacja)
December 11 Prague, Czech Republic (Venue: Audio Partner)

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