What kit does Phil Rudd (AC/DC) play on the "Black Ice" Tour?


What kit does Phil Rudd (AC/DC) play on the "Black Ice" Tour?

FAQ of the year: “What kit does Phil Rudd (AC/DC) play on the “Black Ice” Tour?”

There are more and more questions coming in where people ask for Phil Rudd’s kit specifications. To answer the question… this is what Phil currently uses on the AC/DC “Black Ice” World Tour:

Designer (production time: 1994)

Maple Light (ML) Shell, Solid Black (Colour Code B), Chrome plated Fittings, Single Lugs. Maple Light Tom Tom and Floor Toms with 9 plies (6.3 mm, 3 layers of 3 plies ea.), Maple Light Bass Drum with 12 plies (8.4 mm, 4 layers of 3 plies ea.).

22x18” Bass Drum (No Mount, Designer Style Spurs) DB 2218 ML B
13x13” Tom Tom (H-Bar Mount) DT 1313 ML B
16x16” Floor Tom (Designer Style Brackets) DF 1616 ML B
18x18” Floor Tom (Designer Style Brackets) DF 1818 ML B

Snare Drum:
Horst Link Signature Series 14x5” Brass, Heavy Die Cast Hoops, Tune Safe, Chrome Plated Fittings

5000 Series (discontinued) and current 600 Series Stands, Giant Step Single Pedal

1x DT 670 Drum Throne
6x CBS 672 Cymbal Boom Stands
1x CBA 672 Cymbal Boom Arm (attached to Ride Cymbal Stand with Multiclamp MC 276)
1x GSP 3 Giant Step Pedal
1x SS 677 Snare Stand w/Quick Release Tilter
1x 5000 Series Double Tom Stand (to hold 13” Tom Tom)
1x 5000 Series HiHat Stand

Since Designer Series (introduced 1994) was discontinued December 31st, 2008, SQ2 would be the equivalent Series nowadays.

Equivalent Tom Tom and Floor Tom Shell construction: Medium Maple

Equivalent Bass Drum Shell construction: Heavy Maple

No substitute for the Horst Link Signature Snare Drum (Production time: 1982 until 1994) available.